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Little’s Photography

About Us

About Us

Little’s Photography

Fort Lauderdale’s Home for Professional Photography

We are a full time portrait and photography studio in Fort Lauderdale always buzzing with local clients as well as those who travel here on vacation or for destination weddings. Our team is committed to providing a fun and amazing experience for each client through the art of photography and custom framing.

At Little’s Photography we have mastered the art of getting you present to the blessing that your life is, and we know how to capture it and have you look your best at the same time. Discover why we are Fort Lauderdale’s top choice for professional photography since 1996!

We are a uniquely extraordinary team that is committed to providing and capturing a fun and amazing experience for our clients through the art of photography, video and custom framing.

We are trusted and highly trained professionals who provide a candid view of our client’s experience revealing and preserving priceless moments. Dedicated to capturing these authentic connections between people, we design each photo shoot as a special occasion.
Grounded in our trusted brand; we stand true to time honored classic techniques while using the best equipment and technology available. The statement pieces we craft will stand the test of time and create a legacy for families and generations to come.

Meet the Team


Jennifer co-owns and operates Little’s Photography since 1996. (She was 5 when she incorporated.) She also co-owns The Frame Studio since 2006. She is well known in the community for giving her all, whether it be directing a photoshoot, leading her team, or being involved in the community. She loves big and lives BIG, even though her name is Little.


Bela co-owns The Frame Studio and Little’s Photography with his partner and former wife Jennifer Little. He is one of a kind. If you haven’t met him yet, don’t miss your chance. You won’t forget this unique character with his deep European accent. The man has impeccable taste and is an expert in design and custom framing. He’s practically famous in his own mind.


Lola had been part of our studio since she was 12 weeks old. Named after the Sarah Vaughan song “Whatever Lola Wants” ~ To not include her would not be doing the studio justice as she is a fundamental piece of our foundation. She is considered the third founder of Little's Photography. Lola Retired March 15th of 2021.


Melanie is a rare find. She is regularly moved to tears by witnessing other peoples special moments in life. Yes, she can be a softie but she also knows when to flex her muscles. This is a good thing for our clients. Especially the ones that get all wiggly when asked to make a choice about what to order… Melanie will get you through. Like a guide who gets you through the majestic rainforest. You’ll leave this place with a smile on your face, thanks to Melanie and her good taste. Wait… did that rhyme?


Melany (Mel) may be the second Melany on our team but she certainly makes it known she is here. She supervises the production team to insure that every step of the process is managed with integrity.


Rakhi is a SUPER STAR photographer! Not just behind the camera, but in all areas of her life. Her subjects (that’s you) get so comfortable with her. They trust her instantly. How could you not? Her warm smile is just one sign of the beautiful person she is, inside and out. That beauty she sources, shows through in the portraits she creates. One thing we all know about Rakhi is that she will give you her best, every… single… time! You can count on it.


Lake is special in all the ways that make you say, “Wow. She’s GREAT!” That’s what we hear over and over and over again. There are lots of moving parts to your photo shoot experience. She keeps them all moving so you can enjoy the ride. She’s also very funny. Most of the time her humor is totally appropriate.


To say Betty is loving, kind, and a pillar of support to the team would be an understatement. She is our quality control manager among other important duties. She takes the fine details of our images very seriously. If Betty says, “No Pass” then it is NO PASS people!


As the newest member of our team, Shannon is jumping in with both feet to immerse herself into our unique culture. We can already tell she is bringing her best self to all of your custom framing and finishing needs. Just watch out for that tape measure!